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Pastoral Care

Ensuring our pupils are safe and happy is our highest priority. We therefore strive to provide excellent pastoral care for all of our pupils. If children feel secure, happy and settled in school then they are more likely to show a positive attitude towards their learning and achieve the best results of which they are capable. Class teachers (primary) and form tutors (secondary) carefully monitor pupils' pastoral and academic progress. We encourage parents to talk to class teachers and form tutors first if they have any issues or concerns. In turn, class teachers and tutors will keep parents informed of achievements and discuss any issues. Class teachers and form tutors are further supported by Heads of Key Stage, Heads of School, the Deputy Headmaster and Headmaster.

Our school has a designated Child Protection Officer (the Deputy Headmaster), a full time doctor and nurse, and a Health & Safety team to ensure that your children are safe and healthy at school and while on local or international school trips.

Our school canteen offers a balanced diet featuring fresh fruit, vegetables and salads among many other healthy choices. We also have a team of peer coaches: — pupils who volunteer to listen to other pupils and help them to find their own solutions to the challenges they face in school and beyond.

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