haileybury almaty

Pupil Voice

Pupils are at the heart of everything we do at Haileybury Almaty. We value their ideas and opinions, and we include them in many ways that help the school to grow and improve every year.  

We carry out a pupil survey each year to find out what pupils think of their teaching and learning, and how it could be improved. The results have been extremely positive, and have enabled us to identify areas where we can improve the education we provide.

We encourage our pupils to ‘find their voice’ through public speaking, creative writing, and reporting. We have a weekly newsletter, a high-quality school magazine, and a much-anticipated Year Book, each of which provides an opportunity for young people to express themselves in prose, poetry, art, and many other ways. We are proud of our pupils’ achievements, and we have an excellent record of pupils who have had their work published in magazines such as the COBIS World Student.

Our primary and secondary Student Councils are forums where pupils of all ages discuss topics of importance to them in school – from school food to teaching and learning. Pupils are a valued part of our recruitment process, interviewing prospective new teachers and sharing their feedback on whom they would like to join our school. Their insights into who would make a great addition to our Haileybury Almaty staff team are invaluable. 

A confident, happy school is one in which pupils’ voices are not only heard, but listened to and respected. Haileybury Almaty is such a school. 

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