haileybury almaty

Mission Statement

Our priority is to ensure that all of our pupils achieve their full academic potential, whilst also providing opportunities to experience achievements in the arts, sport, music and beyond. We try to ensure all of our decision making is in line with the visions and values as set out in our mission statement and school aims.

Mission Statement

To provide our community with an educational experience which enables our students to fulfill their potential academically, physically, culturally and socially within a global and future context.

School Aims

1. To develop pupils who are resilient, resourceful, organized, courageous, inquisitive and reflective in all that they do.

2. To encourage these Haileybury Habits through a curriculum which covers a broad and balanced range of subjects, extra-curricular activities, visits and special events and is regularly evaluated and assessed using internal and external data and benchmarks.

3. To encourage our pupils to demonstrate ethical behaviour, and to develop a keen understanding of their rights and responsibilities, the need for both teamwork and leadership, and the importance of contributing fully to society.

4. To reflect in ethos and activity the traditions, values, heritage and cultural diversity of the Republic of Kazakhstan and of Haileybury Schools.

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