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House System

Haileybury Almaty has a House system based on that at Haileybury in the UK. Every pupil and academic staff member in the school belongs to one of four House teams. The only exceptions are the senior leadership team, who remain neutral so that we can have impartial judges for House competitions!

The House provides a way for pupils of all ages to socialize and work together as a team. Throughout the school year the House calendar features a series of competitions, ranging from sports days and swimming galas to poetry, music, and the ever-popular Talent Show. The House year culminates on Speech Day when the winners of the coveted House Trophy are announced.

The Houses’ names reflect Haileybury’s nineteenth-century origins as the East India College and Imperial Service College. The four Houses and their team colours are as follows.

Attlee (yellow): named after Clement Attlee, a British Prime Minister whose post-war government (1945-51) created the National Health Service, provided free secondary schooling for all children, and established the British welfare state. Attlee's House Master is Giles Whittaker.

Bartle Frere (red): Henry Bartle Frere was a colonial administrator in British India during the Victorian period, and became Governor of Bombay. Bartle Frere's House Master is Peter Gooding.

Edmonstone (blue): born in Calcutta, Sir George Frederick Edmonstone was Lieutenant-Governor of the North-Western Provinces of British India from 1859-1863. Edmonstone's House Mistress is Siobhan Williams.

Kipling (green): Rudyard Kipling was born in India in 1865. He became one of the best-loved British authors and poets, writing The Jungle Book, Kim, and the poem ‘If’, voted Britain’s favourite poem. Kipling's House Master is Ivan Kolosov.

Whichever House you belong to and support, we hope you enjoy being part of a big school family. We aim to create a spirit of friendly rivalry and mutual respect, as well as encouraging pupils and staff to try new things, make new friends, and have fun along the way!

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