haileybury almaty

Our Structure

The school is divided into five Key Stages, in line with a typical UK structure:

  • Key Stage 1; for children aged 5 to 7
  • Key Stage 2; for children aged 7 to 11
  • Key Stage 3; for pupils aged 11 to 14
  • Key Stage 4; for pupils aged 14 to 16
  • Key Stage 5; for students aged 16 to 18

The school follows a broad and adapted British National Curriculum throughout the school that reflects local context. Pupils in Key Stage 1 follow a curriculum that reflects the importance of learning through play and ensures pupils are ready to learn independently and with each other. Whilst we promote the importance of independence, each class benefits from a fully qualified teacher and two teaching assistants.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 benefit from a greater number of specialized lessons in preparation for secondary school. All classes are supported by one teaching assistant. Pupils moving to Key Stage 3 follow an adapted National Curriculum, building on their Key Stage 2 experience and preparing them to select their subjects for study in Key Stage 4, when they will take their IGCSEs (General Certificates of Secondary Education). Pupils in accelerated classes may take the IGCSEs one or more years early, either in Key Stage 4 or, in exceptional cases in Key Stage 3. In the Sixth Form (Key Stage 5) pupils prepare for A-Level examinations. At the beginning of Year 13, most students typically submit applications to top British or American universities. The school assists in this process and provides appropriate, objective advice for each pupil.

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