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Every week we publish our weekly newsletter, with dates for your diary, short reports on school news, and important notices for parents. We also publish attendance figures for each week and an update on what’s new in each primary year group. Secondary pupils and staff contribute items of topical interest and creative work.

Our school magazine is called Hearts & Wings, a reference to the winged hearts on the Haileybury crest (and our Latin motto, Sursum Corda — ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’). The magazine is published in the Winter and Spring and is a showcase of our pupils’ many various talents such as creative writing, photography, art and design, scientific journalism and music.

Each year we publish our Year Book, a record of the academic year in which we publish our favourite photographs of the year alongside accounts of the most memorable moments.

Hearts and Wings Yearbook
Hearts and Wings Magazine Winter 2015 School Yearbook 2016-2017
Hearts and Wings Magazine Winter 2014 School Yearbook 2015-2016
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