haileybury almaty


Craig Halsall, Headmaster

Our aim at Haileybury Almaty is to be a happy and purposeful school where all pupils achieve their full potential. We are clear that our pupils’ academic studies are the highest priority, but we passionately believe that they need a balanced curriculum to be successful in higher education and the workplace. We therefore strongly encourage pupils to participate in a wide range of sport, music and drama. We strive to provide an ethical and moral environment that promotes respect, develops teamwork, leadership skills, and encourages pupils to take risks, yet still feel safe and happy.

We value our community and welcome new ways of working together for the benefit of our pupils. Parents are welcomed in our school and we believe effective home-school communication is the key to ensuring pupils’ success. Pupil voice is highly valued and is encouraged at every opportunity. All members of staff are well- qualified and conscious of our ambitions and vision. Our staff are highly motivated to ensure the continuous improvement of the school, confident that this will bring benefits and satisfaction for us all. Our community works tirelessly to ensure that student experiences are rich in variety, challenge and reward.

We are an ambitious school, proud of our close links with Haileybury UK, and eager to serve our local community in Almaty. Our curriculum and co-curricular programme is continuously refined to ensure all pupils can learn about and enjoy the rich local history, language and culture. We are proud to balance the benefits of a British curriculum and education with the importance of maintaining and promoting local culture and traditions, and as a result, feel our pupils are better placed for the future.

I believe that honest and open communication between home and school is essential in building a special partnership that will lead to your child's future success. Our website aims to give our school community an insight into all aspects of our school life. We want to ensure that the website provides useful information that is quick and easy to find. I welcome your views as to how we may continuously improve our website and the information provided. Furthermore, I operate an ‘open door’ policy and will endeavour to make myself available to parents. An appointment made through my personal assistant will ensure that a meeting takes place as soon as a mutually convenient time is found.

Welcome to Haileybury Almaty!

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