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 The Library is open from 8.00am until 4.30pm every school day. 

Located near the main atrium, the Library is a whole-school resource and easily accessible to all classes, individual pupils and colleagues. Containing over 10,000 book and DVD titles, it also comprises:

  • an open public access catalogue (OPAC) terminal, where pupils and colleagues can use the user-friendly computerised library catalogue to check library holdings;
  • an issue / return / enquiry point — where pupils are able to check and return items they wish to borrow, and obtain help with information enquiries;
  • a study carrel, and table space for up to 50 people – including 12 places with networked computers for individual study or group work.

Library resources
Books are arranged into fiction, non-fiction and reference titles. They are also organised into separate primary and secondary sections. We also have a collection of graded easy reader titles in English (both fiction and non-fiction), many of which also have accompanying audio CDs.
Our non-fiction and reference titles comprise books in English, Kazakh, Russian and other languages. These are shelved together by subject, using the Dewey decimal classification scheme. Our collection of English and Kazakh fiction titles are arranged and shelved alphabetically, by author surname. Young learner picture books in the primary area of the library are organised by author.
We subscribe to a number of English-language journals and periodicals for reference purposes. Current copies are displayed in the library, and back issues are available from the library staff on request.

Pupils can borrow up to two books in one language. The loan period for books is ten days. After ten days, borrowers must either return the item/s they have borrowed or ask Library staff to if it is possible to extend the loan period for another ten days. Library staff strictly enforce this rule, starting with reminders to the concerned pupil’s class teacher if they fail to return an item on time. If something has still not been returned and has been overdue for two months, we will consider it lost and bill parents for its full replacement cost. 

Library Computers
There are ten workstations and a colour printer in the library, which may be used by pupils from Years 5 to 13 at break times for study purposes only. Playing games on library computers is strictly forbidden.

Library sessions
Every class from Year 1 to 7 has a regular library session as part of their timetable. These sessions are led by the librarians, and enable the pupils to learn library skills, discuss what they read, and choose suitable and challenging books for reading. 

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