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We follow the English National Curriculum throughout the Primary School. We provide a broad curriculum which includes English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Computing, and PSHE taught by the class teacher. Further to this, pupils are taught by specialist teachers in P.E, Music, Art and Kazakh. In Key Stage 2, pupils have the opportunity to learn a foreign language, with a choice of Russian, French or Mandarin.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Haileybury Habits of being Inquisitive, Reflective, Resourceful, Courageous, Organised and Resilient. These «Habits» underpin the knowledge of what the pupils learn by ensuring they develop life-long learning skills. Curriculum maps are available, explaining the objectives covered in each year group.

All of the curriculum at Haileybury Almaty is taught in English, with the exception of modern foreign languages. Pupils are supported in their acquisition of English from the moment they join the school in Year 1, where the curriculum is designed to allow pupils maximum opportunities to communicate effectively in English.

Throughout the Primary Sschool we also have extra support from additional teachers to provide specific language interventions. Our curriculum is strengthened by the inclusion of many curriculum enrichment events such as Poetry Week, Book Week, Mad Maths Morning, Science Week and Humanities Day — to name a few!. These events provide opportunities for the pupils to apply their learning beyond the classroom in a fun and engaging way.

English Curriculum:

Click here to view Term 2 Curriculum Overview EN

Click here to view Term 3 Curriculum Overview EN

Russian Curriculum:

Click here to view Term 2 Curriculum Overview RU

Click here to view Term 3 Curriculum Overview RU

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