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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is an extremely important stage in a student’s academic and social development. Firstly, Year 7 students face the step from being a Primary to a Secondary School student; which see big changes to their timetable, curriculum and teachers.

Our exciting timetable focuses on developing successful values and positive attitudes to support our pupils through the year groups, and in to Key Stage 4 and beyond.

With over 20 Extra Curricular Activities on offer for KS3 alone, coupled with chances for developing their leadership skills via our ever growing Student Council, there are many opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the wider school life.

Key Stage 3 pupils demonstrate impressive levels of enthusiasm, intelligence and maturity at this level, which allows them to flourish into to well-rounded and educated young adults.

The following are the compulsory national curriculum subjects: English, maths, science, history, geography, modern foreign language, design and technology, art and design, music, physical education, citizenship, and ICT.

Stephen Butters, Head of KS3
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