haileybury almaty

Key Stage 4

Welcome to Key Stage 4! This key stage is made up of Year 10 and Year 11 where students are working towards their IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Students follow the core subjects of Mathematics, English and two Sciences and they get to select four other subjects of their own choice.

Not only is it a time to start thinking about the future and what a student’s subject choices may mean for further study, but it is also a time where the students themselves encounter many changes, be it emotionally or socially. Key Stage 4 is a vital time in a young person’s life- academic requirements and social situations can sometimes feel intense and it is imperative that the students feel supported; this support comes in the form of various people, their form tutors, their teachers and fundamentally myself.

I have over twelve years’ experience working with teenagers at this key stage; however, the students here always continue to surprise me with their insight, ideas and humour. I feel proud to be working with these wonderful young people.

Lucy Pittman, Head of KS4
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