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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is about looking after pupils so they can lead fulfilling and balanced lives at school and beyond; it is about showing students how to look after themselves and others; it is about encouraging them to seek help or support or advice when they need it and it is about helping them to be ready to become fully fledged adults who are comfortable in their own skins when they leave school. Pastoral care underpins personal development; where there is outstanding pastoral care and students feel they belong and their self-esteem is able to grow because they feel valued. Pastoral care in the Secondary School falls under the remit of the Head of Secondary, the Heads of Key Stage and the Form Tutors. However, the pastoral care of our pupils is the responsibility of the whole community. The way we treat, talk to, interact with and teach pupils all contribute to the quality of our pastoral care.


Our dedicated team of Form Tutors look after the direct pastoral care of their tutor groups, with typically between 15 and 20 pupils per group. The Head of Key Stage 3 overseas these groups. The groups are large enough to provide the foundations for social interaction and friendship groups within the school and yet small enough to allow Form Tutors to focus on the needs of each and every child in the group. The Form Tutors continually monitor and support the personal and academic progress of their tutees whilst also delivering the PSHE curriculum.


Pupils in Key Stage 4 are well looked after by their Head of Key Stage, Ms. Lucy Pittman, as well as their form tutors. There are two tutor groups in Year 11 and two tutor groups in Year 10. Each tutor group has a tutor who spends 30 minutes with their tutees every morning from 8.00am to 8.30pm, making sure that everything is running smoothly and solving any issues that their tutees may have. These sessions are used, to support students’ organisation and to monitor their general welfare, behaviour and attendance.

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