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Regualr assessment of pupils' learning takes place troughout the year. Pupils take exams at the end of the year in each of their subjects. Pupils in Year 11 sit mock exams in every subject in January.

Pupil's receive a full report in the first and third terms, and a short report in the second term which details their current working grade (CWGs) and attitude to learning (ATL) in each subject. Year 11 pupils receive their final report at the end of term 2. The school holds two learning days a year, in which parents are accompanied by their son or daughter in order to discuss their progress.

  • Management: Teachers and tutors are encouraged to review their performance, identify and implement action needed, and to set targets that will benefit their students and their own professional development.
  • Moderation: Moderation of teacher assessment is regularly performed throughout the year at faculty and subject level. This ensures consistency of marking across subjects, year groups and key stages.
  • Homework Policy: The quality, frequency and level of challenge of homework is regularly reviewed throughout the year and to ensure that homework is set inline with the homework policy.
  • Learning Walks: We regularly observe groups of pupils throughout the year, looking for evidence of Haileybury Habits and engagement.
  • Lesson Observations: Teachers and form tutors are observed by their Heads of Faculty and Heads of Key Stage respectively, to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. These observations enable teachers and tutors to work to their strengths and to further develop other areas of their teaching or tutoring.
  • Peer Observations: We encourage an open door policy and the sharing of best practice. We encourage teachers to observe peers outside of their specific area of expertise in order to gain a holistic view of the practice within the school.
  • Student Meetings: After every Key Assessment each pupil’s performance is discussed to ensure that they are making appropriate levels of progress and intervention strategies are discussed and then actioned.
  • Key Assessments and Reports: Assessment of pupils learning takes place at regular intervals throughout the year. Short Reports and Full Reports are shared with pupils and parents. The next learning steps are identified to enable our pupils to make good progress.
  • Professional Development: Teachers and Tutors are actively supported by Haileybury Almaty in their professional development. This is done through teacher training days, access to online courses and seminars, attending professional development courses and inviting speakers to give presentations and workshops.

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