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Haileybury Almaty reached maturity as a school in 2012, as we welcomed students into our first ever Year 13 classes. The school now has a thriving Sixth Form section which is growing each year. Our Sixth Form students follow the A-Level programme of study, a two year course, which typically provides 3 or 4 internationally recognised qualifications which allow access to the world's top universities including those in the United Kingdom and the United States. A-Levels enable students to study subjects in depth. A-Levels are demanding in terms of their content and the high level of analytical skills required to succeed. For this reason they are valued internationally.

A-Levels also enable students to develop as independent learners. During the A-Level course students will have study periods when they are not in class.

Focused independent learning and effective time management helps to develop the self-motivation and organisational skills that they will need to succeed at university. Information on entry requirements and procedures can be found at [link to be put in] Students will choose 3 A-Level subjects to study throughout Year 12 and 13. Some students may be able to study for 4 A-Levels, based upon their academic ability and the decision of the school. At Haileybury Almaty we currently offer the following A-Level subject choices. 

In Year 12 students study for IELTS, an English language qualification most widely accepted by universities throughout the world as an indicator of proficiency in the English language. Kazakhstani citizens also study Kazakh.

There are a number of subjects offered at A-Levels including:

  • Mathematics
  • Art
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Policts
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Russian
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