haileybury almaty

Pastoral Care

Form Tutors

Students in Years 12-13 are part of small tutor groups. Form Tutors are responsible for the general welfare and academic progress of students in their form. The form tutors closely monitor students’ attendance and punctuality. Form tutors act as a first point of contact for parents and liaising with subject teachers. Form tutors encourage students to identify their own problems, solutions and to set SMART targets. In Years 12 and 13, the form tutor will have a mentoring session with each student in their form, once a term, in addition to the weekly mentoring outlined below.


Mentoring at Haileybury Almaty is a one-to-one meeting that takes place between a member of staff and a Sixth Form student. Each Year 12 and Year 13 student has an individual mentor with whom they have weekly meetings lasting 20-30 minutes. The mentor is an adult who has committed themselves to supporting an individual student by closely monitoring their academic progress, and any other issues that may impact on a student’s studies. The mentor will discuss the student’s academic performance with their subject teachers, who will facilitate the student in setting targets and completing action points. The mentoring scheme helps to develop a student’s skills in being reflective, organized, setting targets and taking the necessary action required to meet those targets. The mentor will pay attention to and follow up student concerns.

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