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Studying at Sixth Form

Some students who come from the Kazakh schools take a little bit of time to get used to the British system however they all say that once they do get used to A levels they prefer the more select group of subjects to study and the fact that independent research is encouraged. The students become self-motivated and enjoy putting in as much extra study time as they feel each topic requires.

At Haileybury Almaty we believe in developing the whole student. Academics are important but students are encouraged to take part in sport, art, drama and public speaking. This year the older students have trained as ‘coaches’ and in their free time they offer to talk on a one to one basis with younger students that feel the need for that special bit of attention.

The current Year 12 group are also very keen to build on this and next year’s Prefects, and the Head Boy and Head Girl are putting together their plans to improve the way in which the Sixth Form can offer help to other students whether it is by encouraging them to reach their academic goals, by building confidence, improving skills or just by being a sympathetic ear to listen to them. This in turn is excellent experience for our Sixth Form students.

Alongside this growing maturity the Sixth form are given privileges to make their life more enjoyable. They have a designated Sixth Form Centre, which is only open to Year 12s and 13s, they have their own tea and coffee making facilities, comfortable chairs to relax in and each student has their own work station including a table with computer and keyboard.

The students have their own locker in the Centre, and this is also the only place in the school that students are allowed to use their phones. They do not have to wear a uniform but instead the Sixth form come dressed in smart business attire. There is a very pleasant atmosphere amongst the Sixth Form. They all help one another with work, pass on advice and knowledge and generally look after one another. The team building exercise at the start of the year encourages this feeling of being a group with a common goal. Outside the Sixth Form Centre there are a number of Table Tennis Table and a Pool Table and during breaks or lunch time the students can relax for five minutes before getting on with their studies.

The Year 13s have really set the bar high this year with their academic progress as they have had some fabulous offers from universities around the world. One student is going to study Mathematics at Cambridge University and the rest of the group have received 20 offers from 11 universities in the top 100 in the world. The Year 13 students this year have chosen universities in the UK, USA, Russia, Dubai and Kazakhstan. The current Year 12s are already setting their sights on top USA, UK and European universities. 

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